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VISP (Virtual ISP) - Start your own Private Label ISP Today!


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The ISP Guide > VISP Directory - List of wholesale Dialup Service Providers

Featured VISP
Wholesale Dialup ISP Name Plan Price Setup Fee Hours Additional Info.
Virtual ISP, VISP
VISP Plan Per User:
Administrative Console, Automatic Billing, Dialup, Browser Software 
VISP Notes:
Nationwide connectivity
1 Email per user
Automatic Credit Card Billing
Administrative Console
Free Branded Software*

Contact No. for Sales: 1-713-966-6268
Please visit for further info.

VISP Name Service Plan/Fees/Hours Additional Information
Value VISP+, Fees: $7.77/Month/Per user, Hours: Unlimited
High Speed Web Accelarator, Customer Service, Technical Support
VISP, Fees: $16.95/month, Hours: 150
Email, News Group, Billing Support, Tech Support, Online password change
Turnkey VISP, Fees: $25/month, Hours: Unlimited
2 POP3 Email account, 56K V.90/V.92 dial up access, Toll free Tech. Support, Toll free customer service
vISP, Fees: $6.50/month, 500 Hours/Month
Newsgroup Access, 50MB of Free Web Space, Nationwide Roaming Access, Free Web Hosting for your company's web site
ZipLink VirtualISP, minimal start up costs and low monthly per user fees., Hours: Unlimited
Nationwide Connectivity, Billing and Technical Support
VISP.NET, as high as $8.95/month 40 hour network average
6 POP3 Email Accounts, Free Anti Virus, 24 x 7 Call Center Support, Online Signup & Payment
56k V.90 & V.92, Fees: -- , Hours: 150 Min.
Radius server for every user, 5 email accounts (pop3 and webmail), 10 MB of personal webspace,24x7 toll-free branded tech support (email & phone)
Wholesale Internet, Fees:-- , Per Network
Web based control panel, Standard Email Services with 1 email account per dial-up user, Free first year domain name registration, POP3/SMTP email services

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Starting an ISP Tips:

Important considerations for choosing your wholesale ISP or VISP
The advantage of working with a Virtual ISP or a VISP is that the Virtual ISP will take care of most of the technical issues and therefore you can start and run an ISP business even if you have limited technical skills. While working with a wholesale ISP or a Virtual ISP, your primary task is to market your services and acquire customers. The wholesale ISP provides internet access to these customers on a per-user or per-port basis. The difference between what you charge the end users and what you pay to the wholesale ISP is what goes into your pocket. Some points that you need to consider while choosing your wholesale ISP or VISP are as follows:

1. Wholesale ISP / VISP Network coverage - A Virtual ISP or VISP procures the dialup access from large network providers. While choosing a VISP you need to know the coverage of the networks being used by the wholesale ISP. What level of network redundancy is there, what geographical regions are covered, how many local access numbers are there, etc.

2. Pass through Radius and Radius Authentication
You can choose to provide your own radius authentication or have the wholesale ISP provide it for you. With Pass Through Radius you can have a shared or private realm. There might be initial set up costs involved.

3. Technical Support for you and/ or your customers
A Virtual ISP can offer technical support for you and/or your customers. Usually a VISP will offer technical support to you however you will be responsible for offering technical support to your customers. Some wholesale ISP may offer direct support for your customers. In either case you should find out the support process, support hours, average response times, etc.

4. Customer usage hours, online registration and email
You need to know what kind of usage restrictions the wholesale ISP has. Do your customers get unlimited dialup usage, unlimited connections, or are there any restrictions on these. A Virtual ISP will also offer online registration capabilities for your customers and you can find the possibility of customizing this registration process.

Does the wholesale ISP offer email services for your users? If so, you should find out how many email accounts the VISP will be giving for your plan and what will be the email storage capacity. Some wholesale ISP offers may also include value-adds such as antivirus and spam-protection for email accounts. Alternatively you can also choose to provide your own email service to users instead of email service from the Virtual ISP.

5. ISP Administrative Backend
A wholesale ISP will give you access to a secure website where you can login to manage and view your dialup customers. You should evaluate the backend to understand what functionalities it offers and how comfortable you are with it. A good backend is very important as it will be your primary means for operating your ISP. A Virtual ISP may also offer you end user billing services integrated into the backend. It will be a good idea to ask for a demo of the backend from the VISP.

6. Payments & Billing terms
Make sure to go through the billing and payment terms of the wholesale ISP very carefully. A Virtual ISP may require an initial deposit; there may also be some minimum usage terms, procedures in case of delayed payments, etc.

7. Other features
Compare the other value-added features that you can get from wholesale ISPs. A VISP may offer a portal for users, any consumer software that can be offered to users, users backend for your customers to view or update their account information. Pay attention to these other features offered by the Virtual ISP which may enhance the service for your users.

Before finalizing a Virtual ISP or VISP, it is very important to do your research to find the wholesale ISP that can best meet your needs. Choosing your wholesale ISP is one of the most important decisions for your ISP business and you want to be sure that the wholesale ISP you finally work with is reliable, responsive to your needs as wells as competitively priced.

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