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The ISP Guide  >  DUN Error Message
AT&T High Speed Internet
Error Message
754The system could not find the multi-link bundle
755The system cannot perform automated dial because this entry has a custom dialer specified
756This connection is already being dialed
757Remote access services could not be started automatically. Additional information is provided in the event log
758Internet connection sharing is already enabled on the connection
760An error occurred while routing capabilities were being enabled
761An error occurred while Internet connection sharing was being enabled for the connection
763Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled. There are two or more LAN connections in addition to the connection to be shared
764No smart card reader is installed
765Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address required for automatic IP addressing
766The system could not find any certificate
767Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled. The LAN connection selected on the private network has more than one IP address configured. Reconfigure the LAN connection with a single IP address before enabling Internet connection sharing
768The connection attempt failed because of failure to encrypt data
769The specified destination is not reachable
770The remote machine rejected the connection attempt
771The connection attempt failed because the network is busy
772The remote computers network hardware is incompatible with the type of call requested
773The connection attempt failed because the destination number has changed
774The connection attempt failed because of a temporary failure. Try connecting again
775The call was blocked by the remote computer

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