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The ISP Guide  >  DUN Error Message
AT&T High Speed Internet
Error Message
640A NetBIOS error has occurred
641The server cannot allocate NetBIOS resources needed to support the client
642One of your NetBIOS names is already registered on the remote network
643A network adapter at the server failed
644You will not receive network message popups
645Internal authentication error
646The account is not permitted to log on at this time of day
647The account is disabled
648The password has expired
649The account does not have Remote Access permission
650The Remote Access server is not responding
651Your modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error
652Unrecognized response from the device
653A macro required by the device was not found in the device .INF file section
654A command or response in the device .INF file section refers to an undefined macro
655The <message> macro was not found in the device .INF file section
656The <defaultoff> macro in the device .INF file section contains an undefined macro
657The device .INF file could not be opened
658The device name in the device .INF or media .INI file is too long
659The media .INI file refers to an unknown device name

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