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Company Compare Service Plan Price Setup Fee Hours 56K $15.00 $10.00 Unlimited
U.P. Logon Wireless
$34.95 $199.95 Unlimited
U.S. Choice 56K $8.50 waived 200
U.S. Choice, Inc. 56K $17.95 $25.00 Unlimited
U.S. Choice, Inc. 56K $10.00 $15.00 250
U.S. NetworX 56K
$18.95 waived Unlimited
uGlide 56K $9.95 waived Unlimited
ULTIMATE Internet Access 56K $20.00 waived Unl 56K waived waived Unlimited
Unwired West, LLC Wireless $39.00 waived Unlimited
Uownit Network 56K $19.95 waived Unlimited
US Message, Inc. 56K $9.95 waived Unlimited
US Netizen V.92
$6.95 waived 450
USA Domains, Inc. 56K $17.95 $20.00 200
USA TELEPHONE DSL $19.95 waived Unlimited
USACONNEX 56K $8.95 waived Unlimited
USBackbone V.92
$5.95 waived 200
USFamily 56K $8.25 $10.00 Unlimited 28.8 $19.95 waived 10
USOL 56K $14.95 waived Unlimited

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