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Time Warner Cable Internet

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Time Warner Cable Review

Overview: With the all new Time Warner Cable, the fast lane is wide open. Instead of waiting to get where you want to go online, with Time Warner Cable you can already be there. Faster surfing. Just plain fast. And that's just the beginning. Sign up today and get Broadband Internet for only $14.99 a month for 12 months.When it comes to speed, value and service, cable leaves DSL in the dust.

When you are downloading music and photos, instant messaging friends and shopping online, you definitely have a need for superfast Internet speeds. With Time Warner Cable Broadband Internet you will get super fast surfing speeds.

Ready. Set. Sign up for all three Time Warner Cable services for as low price. Time Warner Cable provides "all three. HASSLE-FREE": Digital TV, Broadband Internet, and Digital Home Phone service.

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Service Plan
More Info
$14.99/month for first 12 months - Download speeds up to 50 Mbps
- Great for downloading videos and photos
- PowerBoost® is built into Broadband Internet Standard - extra speed at no extra charge
$64.99/month for 12 months

- Download speeds up to 20 Mbps
- No fee HD channels
- Over 10,000 movies and TV shows per month On Demand

$79.99/month for 12 months

- Download speeds up to 3 Mbps
- Get up to 200 Digital Channels and instant access to thousands of movies, music and shows with On Demand!
- Unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.
- Most popular calling features included at no additional cost.
- Order HBO® & Cinemax® and get them FREE for 3 months

$29.99/month for 12 months

- No fee HD channels
- Movies and HD Movies On Demand

$10/month for 12 months - Unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico
- Keep your existing phone number
- Caller ID on your TV or PC





Price For Internet Service
Time Warner Cable Broadband Internet is available for $34.95 per month for 12 months. You can get better deals if you bundle up your service.
Setting up Internet Service
Service is simple to install and customer service is local.
Level of Computer Skills
It is better to have some amount of computer knowledge if you have subscribed to Broadband Internet Service. However, with the excellent support provided by the
Time Warner Cable technical team even users with very basic computer knowledge can also use their service.
Technical Support
Service is simple to install and customer service is local.
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