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Time Warner Cable Internet

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Mediacom Cable Internet Review

Mediacom Cable Internet includes a full suite of security tools, huge mailbox storage, multiple Mediacom email addresses and great values on excusive premium content - all at super prices that you just can't get with DSL or dial-up.

Mediacom Online residential service gives you more power to surf sites faster, play online games better, download video, music and more.


Mediacom Online

Mediacom Cable Internet service is a blazing fast high-speed residential service


Up to 12 Mbps Download
Up to 1 Mbps Upload


24x7 Technical support


30 Days money back guarantee
Residential customers only
Cable modem is included in the monthly leasing fee.

Mediacom Online Max

Mediacom Online Max is packed with advanced features including home networking* for multiple connections in the home and branded premium content at no additional monthly charge.


Up to 20 Mbps Download
Up to 2 Mbps Upload


24x7 Technical support


Mediacom Online Max automatically includes all of the content, security tools and features of Mediacom Online.
*One-Time home networking installation and equipment charges apply.

Mediacom Online Intro

Mediacom Online Intro is affordable and much faster than dial-up service or 1.5Mbps DSL service.


Up to 3 Mbps Download
Up to 2 Mbps Upload


24x7 Technical support


No phone line required for this Mediacom internet service.
Simple self-installation kit and all equipment included
Mediacom Email accounts
Security tools including anti-virus, spam filtering, anti-spyware, pop-up blockers
Free content including Mediacom Today.com where you can check your email, local news, community information, TV schedule, music, games and more.
30 Days money back guarantee

is Mediacom Online service available in my area?

Other Mediacom services
Mediacom Digital Cable

Mediacom presents an all-star selection of movies, sports, news, information, entertainment and multi-premium networks. Mediacom digital cable service offers a wide variety of pricing packages and services like DVR that put you in control of live and recorded viewing. You also could receive cable exclusives like On Demand programming and local broadcast HD channels.

When you place your order for Mediacom Family Cable, They will connect service on up to three TV sets in your household! More than 3 TV's may require amplifier equipment for additional one time installation fees.

Mediacom Phone

Mediacom phone service offer unlimited local and nationwide calling to anywhere in the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and to all of Canada for one low monthly rate.

Mediacom internet payment options
EcoBilling is a paperless statement listing all your monthly charges, which you receive electronically instead of through the mail.
Recurring Online Payments

When you register to pay your bill online, you have the freedom to access your account from your home, your office or any computer with Internet access.

With recurring payments, customers can view their current billing statements or account history/status online, and download statements. With a recurring payment, you never have to worry about a late bill payment again. Every month, Mediacom will send to your designated email in advance of your bill, a reminder that your bill is soon due.

Single Online Payments
Mediacom customers can make a single online payment for their monthly bill.
Credit Cards Accepted
MasterCard, Visa, Discover
Automated Phone Payments
You may pay your Mediacom bill automatically by telephone by calling1-855-MEDIACOM or 1-855-633-4226.
Mediacom contact

If you would like to speak with a Mediacom representative,
they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
1-855-MEDIACOM or 1-855-633-4226

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