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AT&T High Speed Internet
ISP is an abbreviation of Internet Service Provider, also called Internet Access Provider. Companies that offer Internet connection to their subscriber are called ISP. To provide Internet connectivity to their subscriber ISP need to establish a network that connect them to the network and their network connects users to the Internet. In past Internet Service was only available through telephone line but as technology gain Internet service become cheaper and faster. Also Internet service was only provided by company or organization that provides telephone service. Small ISPs provide Internet service using your phone line through modem and ISDN connection.
Dialup ISP provides slower internet speed, some dialup ISP provides fast connection using some Internet Accelerators. Normally dial up is responsible for providing 64 Kbps (Kilo Bytes per Second) but in normal cases the speed varies between 40 to 50 Kbps. When you connect to the dialup service your telephone remain engaged but now dialup provide include On Hold facility which means even if you are connected to internet using your phone line you can receive call and surf the net at same time.
Internet users get tired from slower connection speed of dialup and to satisfy their customer need they employ technologies that enable user to connect to Internet using high speed internet. The different options are Broadband Internet, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line), Wireless Internet, Cable Internet, Satellite Internet and nowadays Fiber Optics is the revolution in broadband technology.
People are now well aware from the use of Internet. Broadband Internet enables users to download or to play online music, games, movies, etc. The price of getting Broadband is higher compare to dialup but it worth. Price of broadband Internet depends on the speed, the price may start from $20 per month to $ 50 per month depends on the speed and bandwidth you require.
Getting broadband connection in rural and underdevelopment areas is challenge. The cost of setting up broadband internet connection is high so if some one want broadband internet in rural areas they need to invest thousands of dollars. Compare to populate cities the density of broadband subscriber are less and it is tough for ISP to get recover all their equipment cost. So, its still challenge to provide broadband in rural areas. But they get dialup internet connection easily if their phone company provides the service.
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