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AT&T High Speed Internet
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Product Description
Plan & Pricing
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ModemPops allows you to become and ISP Provider. ModemPops offers you to become Private Labeled Virtual ISP solution. MODEMPOPS is a complete solution provider for the virtual isp ( visp ), wholesale isp , private label isp , Nationwide Dialup , Wholesale Dialup and pass through radius services

Dialup Network

$5.20 per month - Premium

$5.50 per month - Enhanced

Internet Accelerator Software, Technical Support, Web Mail, User Backend, Automatic Billing, Nationwide Dialup Network, Free Branded Software


YourOwnISP Internet Service

We offer Wholesale Internet services for those getting started as well as established ISP's looking to make a move to a better wholesaler. We can offer everything from raw dialup to a our bundled packages which include almost everything you need to start your ISP right away.

In addition to serving the ISP community we also offer discounted wholesale prices to corporate and educational institutions as well as charities and non profit groups of all types.

Raw Dialup Pricing

$6.95 per month

Bundle Pricing $195.00

Internet Accelerator, Standard and Enhanced Email Service, ISP Portal Page, Technical Support, Radius Authentication.

vISP Provider help you to start your own ISP Service. vISP Provider allow you become an ISP in just $6.50 per month per account. Also with vISP Provider you can customize program which suit your requirement. With vISP Provider offer you Internet Accelerator software for your end user.

Dialup Account

$8.00 Per User

Free Web hosting, No Setup Fee, News Group Access, No Popup , 50 MB Free Web Space, Spam and Virus filtered Email Account, Nationwide Roaming Access.

With ServerPlus VISP Program you can start your own Internet Service and start earn money with your own ISP.


Unlimited Customer Support, 9000 nationwide and international dialup location , POP3 and webbased email address, 5 Email Account per user

Host Plus Virtual ISP Solution allows to start your own private label ISP for your company or organization. You don't need to investing in a network or equipment for starting an ISP. Host Plus customize the program to full fill your exact requirement.

Virtual ISP service

$119.95 per month

Unlimited Email address, Ability to provide web hosting, 24 hours or less setup, full control over your customers account, Web Based administration and billing software, no contract.

IKANO provide Wholesale Dial-Up and Private Label ISP solution and you can generate revenue from you own ISP. IKANO provides a turnkey online strategy and new source of revenue for ISP's.

Value VISP

$5.55 Wholesale Dialup

$4.25 Per User Per Month

Internet Accelerator, Web Based Backend, Technical Support, Spam and Virus Filtering Technology

A ZipLink VISP offers your organization, or group to be an Internet Service provider without paying much for become an Internet Service Provider.

minimal start up costs and low monthly per user fees., Hours: Unlimited
Billing Service, Collection Service, 24 hours technical support, Nation Wide Connectivity is a Virtual ISP Provider that instantly become you an ISP Provider your their own Software.

Dialup $9.95

DSL $39


Web Based Email address, 6 POP3 email account, Virus Filtration, Customize Spam Filtration, Over 50,000 Access number, 24 X 7 Technical Support, V92 Support, Access to over 30,000 news group. enables you to become fully functional ISP with branded to your organization.

Turnkey VISP $25 per month

24 X 7 Technical Support, Toll Free Customer Service, Billing, 2 POP3 email account, News Group Access, Web mail service.

PacificNet's VIP Program allows your organization, resellers and ISPs to outsource dial infrastructure with Dialup access service.

VISP $16.95 per month

24 X 7 Telephone Support for both Billing and Technical Support, 3 MB of personal Web Space, Video Email, Pre-paid internet access, POP email address,
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