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AT&T High Speed Internet
Product Name
Product Description
Product Features
F-Prot AVES is a Email Virus Scanning Service that continuously and round the clock scan your email against virus. Also protect you from unsolicited e-mails or spam.
1.Virus scanning and disinfection policies

Permitted or banned attachment types

Preventative security measures, such as message header sanity checks, standard compliance checks and removal of JavaScript or “web bugs” from HTML e-mail

Access to the web interface can be controlled, giving some users permission to manipulate the contents of their own quarantine while others must seek assistance from their system administrator

GFi Mail Security checking Email Content and antivirus solution act as a firewall. GFi Email Antivirus Service protect from email virus.

1. Multiple virus engines guarantee higher detection rate and faster response

2. Unique Trojan & Executable Scanner detects malicious executables without need for virus updates - MyDoom was detected immediately!

3. Exploit shield & HTML threats engine disable email exploits & HTML scripts

Securence provides Email filtering services like anti spam, antivirus software. Securence is multilayer scanner which scan anti-virus layer featuring Norman Virus Control.

1. No setup fees required

2. Full anti-virus protection included

3. 24/7 technical support included

4. No complex or binding contracts

Email Virus protection and Spam filtering service by Postini    
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