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Type of Internet services

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When we are looking for an internet connection, we come across so many different type of internet connections.
Lets learn more about different type of internet connections.
Mainly internet service divided into two categories.
Dial-up Internet and Broadband Internet

Dial-Up Internet

Dialup is the most basic type of internet in which you require phone line to connect to internet. Dialup internet intended to provide 56 Kbps or lower speed. For internet connection you require a modem that connected to a computer and telephone line to ring up to your internet service provider. With dial up connection your internet surfing speed restrict to 56 Kbps but in actual you will never surf faster than 52 kbs because of FCC regulation and overhead.

Dialup connection requires only telephone line so you can connect to internet even you are in any rural areas. For connecting to internet using your dialup you need to call to your ISP Provider, this is called handshaking mode. Once connection established you can start surfing internet. The handshaking mode is a source of frustration because many dialup users dial same number than your chance of getting connection will be less or it will take time to connect. Dialup connection is the cheapest solution for your internet need but your telephone line gets engaged when you are using your dialup connection. So, it will cost you higher because call duration incurs cost.

High speed dial up is little bit faster than any regular dial up connection. High speed dialup use V92 modem technology which compress the image, files and web pages. So you can access website faster than any regular dialup. But in actual with high speed dialup your internet speed will never exceed to 56Kbps.
Broadband Internet

Broadband internet is many time faster than dial up connection. Broadband internet is high data transmission internet connection and is capable of providing 256 Kbps speed.

Types of Broadband Internet Connections
DSL, Cable, Wireless, Satellite

DSL: - DSL is abbreviation of “Digital Subscriber Line”. DSL is a type of Broadband Internet in which you can start surfing from 128 Kbps. Maximum speed of 24000 Kb/s you expect from DSL.
DSL is intended to provide high speed internet connection for home users, companies, offices or organization. DSL can be divided into ADSL, HDSL and RADSL. DSL connection requires telephone line for getting internet connection. Data transfer using your telephone line without engaging your phone, means you can make call even when you are using internet.

Copper wire that used to connect your home or office to a telephone company is used to carry both data and voice signals. Telephone use analog signals to transfer voice from one phone user to another. Computer can read only binary codes so we need a modem between your telephone line and computer for demodulating analog signal into binary numbers 0 and 1.

DSL Internet Advantages

You can use telephone line even when you are surfing internet.
You can have DSL connection with your old telephone wiring. You don't need new wiring for getting DSL internet.
Your surfing experience increase significantly than regular dialup or ISDN.
You can view high flash website, download songs or movies, play online games with DSL connection.

DSL Internet Disadvantage

Its not possible to have DSL internet in all areas. For having a DSL connection you need to have telephone line.
Your surfing speed decrease if you are not leaving closer to your telephone company office.
Price is little higher than regular dial up.
Downloading speed is higher compare to uploading speed.

Cable Internet

Cable Internet is a kind of Broadband Internet in which Internet connection brought to you by means of cable TV line. Anyone who has cable TV connection can get Internet connection from their existing cable provider. Cable connection that used to carry television signal is capable of transmitting hundred Mega signals. Some cable use coaxial cable for transmitting signal and some other system use fiber-optic cable that come from cable provider and than distributed to different areas.

Your cable internet provider use same cable that is responsible for cable TV. Cable modem comes into role and it downstream data into 6 MHz channel. Upstream data that internet surfer sent back to internet don't use more than 2 MHz. Cable internet company require two types of equipments for transmitting signals. Fist one is cable modem that to be fixed at internet buyers place and second one is cable modem termination system in their company.

Cable Internet Advantages

Cable internet is faster than any dialup internet connection.
Cable internet is always on, means you can access internet whenever you want. You don't need to dial at your internet service provider for getting internet connection.
You can use your phone even you are using internet.
Able to surf faster and its easy to download movies, music, images, files, etc. Also with cable internet you can even play online games.

Cable Internet Disadvantages

You can get cable internet connection only through your cable TV service provider.
Cost of having cable internet is much higher than dialup internet connection.
You can not use it while you are traveling.

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is a type of broadband internet in which you do not need wired connection for internet access. You can access Internet via wireless networks. Wireless internet use WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) to give you wireless internet connection. Wireless internet uses Radio Frequency signal for accessing World Wide Web or Internet. Wireless application protocol use WAP-enabled device that connect you to wireless service provider by detecting radio signals. When internet surfer requesting a web page the request is send by a Web Server to a WAP gateway. Wireless Application Protocol has WAP encoder, script compiler and protocol adapters to convert HTTP request into WML. And WAP Gateway than send sent encoded data to your wireless device. Wireless internet service providers use to give USB modem that we need to plug in our computer. It works the same way as our cell phone network works. We can move our laptop anywhere and use internet where ever provider have signal.

Wireless Internet Advantages

Wireless internet does not require any cable for internet connection.
You are able to get internet connection when you are traveling.
Internet surfing speed is higher than dialup connection.

Wireless Internet Disadvantages

Wireless internet is more expensive.
Wireless internet depends on weather for its optimum performance.

Satellite Internet

In satellite internet connection, users receive and access internet signals with the help of satellites.

These satellites are located above the earth surface and keep orbiting the earth. But these are low earth orbit satellites (A low Earth orbit (LEO) is generally defined as an orbit within the locus extending from the Earth’s surface up to an altitude of 2,000 km). These satellites are responsible to transmit phone signals, cable TV signals and internet signals.

Weather is one of the main concern in satellite internet as weather can affect the transmitting signals.

This is mainly use to serve the remote rural area. Satellite internet is bit slower than DSL and Cable because of the far distance between transmitting or receiving station and satellite.

What is ISDN Internet?

ISDN is an abbreviation of Integrated Services Digital Network. ISDN is a transmission system that use traditional telephone network for carrying voice, data, image and signals. ISDN is easy to use digital communication system that is capable of transferring 128 Kbps which is faster than a 28.8 Kbps modem.

ISDN connection has three different services 1. Basic Rate Interface 2. Primary Rae Interface and 3. Broadband Interface. Basic Rate Interface is widely used ISDN type that most suitable for home users.

ISDN Internet Advantages

ISDN uses traditional telephone line for connection. You don't need any extra cable connection for it.
ISDN bandwidth-on-demand feature make it capable of transferring data at 128 Kbps speed.
Price is low compare to other broadband internet connection.

ISDN Internet Disadvantages

ISDN is not an always on connection.
It will be costly if you don't know exact tariffs of phone calls because the charge is per call.
You can not use ISDN connection when you are traveling.

What is Wi-Fi Internet? Difference between Wi-Fi and Wireless Internet

Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity. Wi-Fi is a name given for the general wireless signal. It is not an internet service type like DSL or Cable. It is an actual network infrastructure using Wi-Fi.
In Wi-Fi network you can access your Broadband internet (DSL or Cable) in your laptop or PC via wireless router. You don’t actually need to connect your modem with your laptop or PC.
It is a type of infrastructure, rather than type of internet.

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