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Insight High - Speed Internet Review

Overview: Insight Communications is currently the tenth largest cable operator in the United States with approximately 738,000 customer relationships in the three contiguous states of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. Insight offers bundled, state-of-the-art video, high - speed Internet and voice telephony services to its customers.

Service Plan
Setup Fee
More Info
As low as $35.00*/mo - Unlimited Speeds up to 10 mbps. Up to 6Gigs Email Storage. Access e-mail from anywhere using webmail, Free Security Software.
As low as $30.00*/mo - Unlimited Unlimited FREE On Demand, FREE Cable on Additional TVs, FREE 1st mo. HDTV Upgrade
As low as $25.00*/mo - Unlimited Unlimited Local and Long Distance, Includes 12 Popular Features, Keep Your Same Phone Number





Price For Internet Service
Insight Broadband Internet is available for $35.00* per month.
Setting up Internet Service
With professional installation, the service provider will go to your residence to install the Internet service. Typically there is a one-time fee associated with professional installation. With self-installation, you can install the service on your own time rather than a technician going to your house to complete installation. Instructions are included in the self-installation kit that is mailed to you after you place your order.
Level of Computer Skills
Insight Internet is easy to setup using self installation kit. No expert computer knowledge require.
Technical Support
Insight Broadband High Speed Internet customers are guaranteed 24/7 customer support.
Ease of Cancellation
You may cancel Insight Communications service at any time. Within 10 days of cancellation, you must return all equipment and property which belongs to Insight Communication in working condition, or you will be charged the full suggested retail price for that piece of equipment.
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