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Earthlink High Speed ISP Review

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Overview: EarthLink is ranked highest in customer satisfaction among high-speed Internet Service Providers. It's amazingly fast--up to 70 times faster than dial-up. Serving over five million subscribers, EarthLink offers high-quality connectivity, minimal drop-offs and ISP-generated intrusions. Service includes exclusive blocking tools control spam, pop-ups, spyware and free nationwide dialup when you travel.

Service Plan
Setup Fee
More Info
High Speed cable
$29.95 /month for first 6 months
- Unlimited Do more with cable Internet service up to 15.0Mbps
Wow! Connect 250x faster than dial-up access**
FREE protection from viruses, spyware & hackers
FREE 24/7 phone support from cable Internet experts
High Speed DSL Internet
$14.95 /month for first 3 months
- Unlimited DSL with blazing speed up to 6.0 Mbps.
Up to 100x faster than dial-up**
FREE high speed DSL modem
FREE 24/7 phone support from DSL experts
FREE protection from viruses, spyware & hackers
Dial up
$9.95/month for first 3 months
- Unlimited FREE Accelerator lets you surf the Web up to 7x faster*
FREE protection from viruses, spyware, & hackers
FREE 24/7 support from our dial up experts
Unlimited dial up access nationwide
Free Web space—to let you build a personal home page


Price For Internet Service
This is an excellent bargain for Earthlink DSL. 20 hours of dialup are included.
Multi-month and yearly specials are also available. A variety of extra features such as remote access, discounted phone service, gaming, home networking, etc. are also available for additional charges.
Setting up Internet Service
EarthLink offers free Professional Installation for Cable. With DSL and Basic High Speed services the option of self-installation is also offered and includes installation support and guidelines.
Level of Computer Skills
Users with any level of Computer Knowledge can enjoy. Self-installation is accompanied with step-by-step instructions to make it easy even for non-technical users.
Technical Support
There is a toll-free number to contact support (1888-Earthlink). Technical support can also be contacted by email or live chat. Support is offered 24x7. Earthlink is ranked highest in customer satisfaction ratings for High Speed service.
Access Numbers/Busy Signals
Available for all U.S. States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, excluding Alaska.
Number of Email Addresses
You get 8 email address with Earthlink High Speed each with 10MB of webspace and free spam blocker. There are also free email providers on the internet like (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) however 8 email addresses are more than sufficient for an average user.
Ease of Cancellation
Termination of Service will be accepted via registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to:

EarthLink Inc.
1375 Peachtree St., Level A
Atlanta, GA 30309

or call to cancel by phone: (866)383-3080

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