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Will FCC's decision to expand discount telephone program for low-income households revolutionize Broadband services?

Affordable telephone services are on their way to making it big yet again! Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in his speech on Monday, informed that he has drafted a significant proposal. This proposal intends to create an initiative that would encourage affordable telephone services and broadband internet services particularly for the people that are low-income earners in the United States.

Genachowski further stated that the program is out dated and that it focuses on phone service especially in a time when high speed internet has become a very eminent platform for communications. He further claims that the program which is believed to be a special lifeline for people and claims to provide reasonable discounts on monthly bills particularly for the ones who are low-income earners in state, has already received immense success. But this is not working anymore now since itís affected and literally plagued by the challenges it has to face Ė accountability and efficiency being the most vital ones.

Due to the lack of a centralized system, issue of multiple service providers claimed on lifeline actually subsidies for similar households. In his efforts to correct this, a notion was also put forward regarding how duplicate billing will be prevented by creating a national database of Lifeline subscribers.

If Genachowski is to be believed, order is expected to make Lifeline reimbursement comparatively more transparent and more streamlined; this measure was addressed by him as a common sense. According to Genachowski, FCC staffs have evaluated that these transformations will save a good fund of $2 billion for more than two upcoming years. The companies that are involved to be subject to independent audits for two years in a row have been given a call by him.

In his speech, the much known FCC chairman also claimed that Federal communications is looking forward to work with programs that are broadband approved. This would help in establishing its own initial program with the help of savings out of its changes in budget. This initiative taken by FCC shall transform the way people have been thinking about telephone programs that are undergoing almost a revamp at the hands of FCC.

Genachowski further confirmed that program at the development stage will be customized and modernized. This modification will actually be done keeping in mind the need for accomplishing or meeting the needs of low-income Americans that exist in the world of broadband. This is in accordance to other efforts made by the efforts of the agency on adoption for broadband.

Universal Service Fund supports the Lifeline program with much pride. Universal Service Fund is a body that was purposely created for establishing a connection between Americans and telecommunications infrastructure. This approach was much needed and seeing the recent innovations in technology it can be said, that a move like this can prove to be a revolutionary step forward to target success. FCC has taken a vital decision to expand discount telephone program for low-income households in America. This move can be seen as Ďone of its kindsí and in days to come, itís expected to revolutionize broadband services big time!

Author Bio :

The above article is composed and edited by Donna B. She is associated with many technology and designing communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to dongle , internet technology, mobile applications, pay as you go mobile broadband etc.

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