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Business ISP - Directory of Business Dial Up Internet Service Providers

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The ISP Guide > Business Dial Up - List of Business Dial Up Service Providers

Business ISP name Plan Price Setup Fee Hours Additional Info.
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Business ISP Plan Per User:
150 hours/per mo.
Single Control Panel, to manage business dial up accounts, free software
Business Dial up Notes:
No Setup Fees
1 Web Based Email per user
150 hours of connectivity per user per month (Plans for additional hours also available)
Free Branded Software (Optional)
Single Administrative Console - To manage all dial up accounts  
One Bill - Pay with Check or Credit card
Minimum of 10 Accounts Required for Business Dialup

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Business Dialup services – How to choose a Business ISP

Companies may choose to purchase Business Dialup services from a Business ISP for a variety of reasons. For example, a company may not have the need to invest in high speed internet services or in many case broadband services may not be accessible and therefore a Business dialup solution may be the only available option. Companies may also choose to procure business dialup services from a business ISP if they have a traveling sales force or other employees that are occasionally on the road or working from home. Business dialup services are procured from a business ISP to make sure that such employees can get online from any location in a cost-effective manner.

A variety of business dialup service packages and options available from various business ISPs range from basic dialup connectivity to complete solutions that may include email, web space, web hosting, vpn service, nationwide or even international access, etc.

Some key features to consider while choosing business dialup service from a business isp are:

  • Dialup Usage limits and connectivity - A business isp may have different price plans with different monthly usage limits. Business ISP may offer nationwide or regional connectivity, and some may even offer international access numbers. Your choice of a business dialup package will depend on your specific needs. Check the local access numbers of your Business ISP to make sure that local connectivity is available in cities that you or your employees would be connecting from. Some Business ISPs may also have toll-free access numbers but usually for a higher price.
  • Control Panel - Make sure to view a demo of the control panel that you will get from the Business ISP. You want to be able to manage your business dialup accounts without too much of a hassle. Check if you are comfortable with the features in control panel. In most cases the control panel will also include usage reports for your business dialup accounts. This is an important feature for you to plan your business dialup capacities and budgets.
  • Emails - If you need the Business ISP to provide email accounts for your employees then check if your business dialup package includes email. What is the email storage capacity, Is it only webmail or does it include pop-access. As a business dialup customer it might be necessary for you to have antivirus and spam control features incorporated in the service.
  • Software - Business ISPs may offer software such as Dialer or Internet Accelerator to ensure ease of connectivity and faster surfing for your users. These are good value adds in your business dialup package.
  • Other features - Business ISPs have a variety of other features that they bundle in their business dialup package. You need to assess the price difference and value of each feature for your business and your employees. Some such features may be domain registration and website hosting, concurrent dialup connections, newsgroups, end user support, etc.
  • Support - Level of technical support offered by a Business ISP will affect the pricing of a business dialup package. Support is usually not a very critical factor for dialup services however the need depends on the experience and comfort level of users for whom these services are intended.
  • Pricing and Contract - Pricing plans vary by different business ISPs. Some offer metered dialup usage where you are charged by the number of hours used while some charge you by the number of accounts created or in use per month. Number of hours per account may be limited or unlimited. If the number of monthly hours in your business dialup package is limited then find out what happens if the limit is exceeded. Do you have the option to purchase additional hours and what would be the price for excess usage?

Many Business ISPs now offer business dialup services with no long-term contracts. Dialup market is very competitive, therefore it might be better to not get locked in into long-term contracts and keep your options open. Moreover whenever you start with a new Business ISP, start by purchasing a small number of dialup accounts and then add on once you find the service satisfactory.

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