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550Access Business Dial Up Packages & Review

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Overview: 550 Access is an internet service provider and offers cheap internet access via local access numbers all over US. The customers get a reliable dialup service at a very low cost of almost half the price of Netzero and one-fourth the price of AOL. Customers of 550Access internet access service get a choice of two dialup plans.

Wholesale Dialup ISP Name Plan Price Setup Fee Hours Additional Info.
Business ISP Per User:
150 hours/per mo.
Single Control Panel, to manage business dial up accounts, free software
Business Dial up Notes:
No Setup Fees
1 Web Based Email per user
150 hours of connectivity per user per month
Free Branded Software (Optional)
Single Administrative Console - To manage all dial up accounts  
One Bill - Pay with Check or Credit card
Minimum of 10 Accounts Required for Business Dialup

Please visit for further info.

Price For Internet Service
550 Access business dialup offers cheap internet access at $5.25/month per user via local access numbers all over US.
Setting up Internet Service
We highly recommend dial-up networking, 550access Internet's way to connect to the Internet. No software is required (No need to install or un-install), and set-up takes less then 2 minutes. Instant access with credit card.
Level of Computer Skills
Users with any level of Computer Knowledge can enjoy 550access . Since no software is required, setup can be done over the phone, or online by filling out the registration form.
Technical Support
Technical support is free - there is a toll-free number to contact support that is included in your welcome email and technical support pages. Speaking to a live person really helps. Technical support can also be contacted by email. Online FAQ's extensive with frequent issues.
Access Numbers/Busy Signals
550access has over 9000 access number. Good for traveling. V92 access numbers are also available. Busy signals are very rare, and most cities have multiple access numbers to use.
Number of Email Addresses
1 Web Based Email per user with 550access business dialup. There are several free email providers such as Yahoo or Hotmail if you need additional email address.

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