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AT&T Satellite Internet Review

Overview: AT&T is the #1 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) broadband service in the U.S as you already know. This is the company you know and trust. Now AT&T is also providing internet by satellite. AT&T Satellite Internet (provided by wildblue) has 3 different unique limited-time offers as mentioned below.

AT&T satellite internet Features:

You can download and upload music, picture or even stream videos Ė up to 30 times faster than Dial-up.

Instant connection to the Internet:
Gives you instant connection to internet, you donít need to dial the access number and no longer wait for connections.

This is completely a satellite internet. Internet will be delivered by satellite.

Because you internet will be delivered by satellite, It reaches virtually to everyone and everywhere.

It comes with AT&T Yahoo! Online Protection which includes Anti-Spyware, Pop-Up Blocker and Parental Controls to monitor and control online activities.

Provide 24x7 technical supports

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Service Plan
More Info
AT&T Satellite Value Pak
$54.95/mo - Downstream up to 512Kbps
- Upstream up to 128Kbps
AT&T Satellite Select Pak
$69.95/mo - Downstream up to 1.0Mbps - Upstream up to 200Kbps
AT&T Satellite Pro Pak
$79.95/mo - Downstream up to 1.5Mbps
- Upstream up to 256Kbps

Service might not be available in all areas and therefore AT&T do not guarantee that orders can be successfully processed for every requesting customer. This is a unique limited-time offer and is not available in all service areas.

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