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The ISP Guide network gives you unique advertising opportunities on our various website channels. We attract a highly targeted traffic on our various websites and the strong growth of the website traffic translates into consistent growth in the advertising performance and opportunities. is one of the leading Internet Providers Directory where we have listed thousands of ISP Providers and around 10,98,097 visitors visit our website and view more than 23,43,260 pages per month.

We encourage you to contact us to learn about advertising opportunities and find the perfect means to match your advertising and branding objectives.

There are currently 31 websites that comprise the ISP Guide network of sites. Apart from the web directories, the network includes shopping sites and forums. Each web directory or forum is dedicated to a specific product, service or interest category and therefore the traffic to each site is highly targeted for the specific service, product or interest category.

Advertising on our websites gives you the opportunity to market your products or services to users who are specifically looking for the same type of services and therefore you can get better advertising ROI through higher click-through ratios and conversion rates.

Following is a list of our primary websites:

  • The ISP Guide - directory of internet service providers within service categories of dialup, DSL, Cable, etc.
  • The ISP Guide Forums - message boards for users to post messages related to internet and technology related issues.
  • The Broadband Guide - directory of broadband services with real-time quotes on business/ residential broadband.
  • The Hosting Guide - directory of web hosting services.
  • The Opinion Guide - retail website for all types of products ranging from books &, electronics to kitchenware & apparel.

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